Meet the Team

Your dining team is made up of people who are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

To contact our Main Dining Office, please call 813-257-3088 or send us an email at 

  • Amy Truong


    Amy Truong

    Resident District Manager

  • Sharon Lerum


    Sharon Lerum

    Unit Controller/HR Manger

  • Ralph Beyrouti


    Ralph Beyrouti

    Retail Operations Manager

  • Alexander Love


    Alexander Love

    QA Manager

  • Martha Aristizabal

    Martha Aristizabal

    Safety Coordinator

  • Stefanie Crocco


    Stefanie Crocco

    Field Marketing Manager

  • Tabitha Wieland


    Tabitha Wieland

    Catering Coordinator

  • Alec Sloan

    Alec Sloan

    Catering Supervisor

  • Mercedes Souther

    Mercedes Souther

    Catering Supervisor

  • Mariusz Gladysz


    Mariusz Gladysz

    Ultimate Dining Executive Chef

  • Boris Dordevic


    Boris Dordevic

    Spartan Club Manager

  • Marco Barber

    Marco Barber

    Spartan Club Supervisor

  • Brittany Ellis

    Brittany Ellis

    Spartan Club Supervisor

  • Michelle Silas


    Michelle Silas

    Morsani Hall Manager

  • Adoblin Daniels

    Adoblin Daniels

    Morsan Hall Supervisor

  • Toni Malloy

    Toni Malloy

    Morsan Hall Supervisor

  • Karl Pruginic

    Karl Pruginic

    Morsan Hall Supervisor

  • Karen Picarelli

    Karen Picarelli

    Morsan Hall Supervisor

  • Misty Thornton

    Misty Thornton

    Starbucks Reserve Supervisor

  • Shauntelle Brown

    Shauntelle Brown

    Starbucks Reserve Supervisor

  • Eboni Grant

    Eboni Grant

    Starbucks Reserve Supervisor